Thursday, September 23, 2021

Two Students Invent A Solar-heated Doghouse To Protect Stray Dogs And Cats From The Cold Winter

How many times have you encountered stray dogs on your way in need of care, affection, and a warm, cozy roof to shelter from the weather?

Two Turkish students devised the cheapest and most environmentally friendly answer to the widespread stray animal problem by patenting a solar-heated animal kennel. A perfect solution to fight against harsh temperatures.

Solar heated dog kennel

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Oğuz Özgür and Ahmet Ercan Kaya from Ahmet Yakupoğlu Art High School in Kütahya Province, Turkey, got the brilliant idea when they saw how the stray dogs living in their backyards suffered greatly from the harsh winter temperatures.
Supported by biology professor Muzaffer Efe, the two Turkish students embarked on the solar-heated niche project a bit by chance. By preparing the preliminary draft and gathering all the necessary material, Oğuz Özgür and Ahmet Ercan Kaya collected 100 Turkish liras, or just under 17 euros, with which they covered the entire development phase.

Solar heated dog kennel

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The operation of solar-powered kennels is straightforward: small shelters for stray animals collect the sun’s rays through panels that store this energy in a battery, which then transfers the heat to a mat located at the base of the kennel to keep animals in a warm and comfortable space.
Muzaffer Efe, professor of biology, said he was proud of the project undertaken by his two students, stressing that the invention fulfills excellent technical functions and has a significant human and social value. A project that we hope will extend to the rest of Turkey and other countries.

A Stray dog

image credit: Ivan Bandura/Wikimedia



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