Thursday, September 23, 2021

These Miners Accidentally Discovered A Beautiful Heart-shaped Amethyst Geode

Sometimes nature seems to have the perfect answer to our search for wonder and wonder. We realize this when confronted with absolutely particular and unique phenomena, elements, and manifestations, just like what we will tell you for sure.

What is it about? A natural element discovered by pure chance has undoubtedly succeeded in leaving everyone speechless, including geologists. The reason is visible in the photos: it’s not every day that you come across a heart-shaped amethyst geode: a significant discovery, both for its particularity and scientific value.

heart-shaped amethyst geode
image credit: uruguayminerals/Instagram

This discovery is one of those destined to leave a trace, even without a particular explanation. You only have to look at the photos of the geode discovered by some miners in Uruguay to realize its characteristic: it has the shape of a beautiful heart!

The appearance of this geode made of amethyst, an ancient variety of purple quartz that resides in basalt rocks and is widely used to create jewellery, is destined to go down in history. Although it is not uncommon to find a geode that contains it, such a shape is undoubtedly extraordinary. It seems, indeed, that the stylized form of the heart is not an invention of us humans but a natural “design”.

The discovery took place in the Santa Rosa mining site, on the border between Uruguay and Brazil. Everyone was surprised by this buried geode. The miners said the discovery was made by chance. They encountered many difficulties breaking down basalt rocks at a specific point, to the end of believing that they would indeed find something special.

heart-shaped amethyst geode

image credit: uruguayminerals/Instagram

No one, however, would ever have imagined making such a discovery. With its “romantic” shape and fascinating purple hue, the amethyst geode was there in all its magnificence.

heart-shaped amethyst geode

image credit: uruguayminerals/Instagram

And it didn’t take long for this unique and spectacular discovery to go viral across the globe. We can only join in the astonishment, aware that Mother Nature, for the umpteenth time, has given proof that she can astonish us with chance and elements of infinite appeal.

Source used:
uruguayminerals / Instagram



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