Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Very Rare “Horizontal Rainbow” Photographed At Dawn, A Spectacular And Hopeful Image

There are fortunate cases where one can witness infrequent events and find oneself capturing with a camera an incredibly evocative spectacle like that of ” rainbows of fire. 

“ On the Instagram account of the American Cessna Kutz appeared the photo of a horizontal rainbow that magically colours Lake Sammamish in Washington state. A circumhorizontal arc is a rainbow that has nothing to do with fire: it is a phenomenon due to the refraction of the sun in certain ice crystals.


A horizontal rainbow
Rare rainbow

According to experts at the University of Santa Barbarian, this is not a natural rainbow, but a rare phenomenon of refraction of light that occurs when the sun is above 58 degrees above the horizon; in this way, the sun’s rays pass through the mist and reflect on the ice.

And at the dawn of a day that perhaps seemed “like any other day.” Cessna Kutz shared the spectacular event on her account, accompanying the photo with a message of hope.

May it be a sign of love and hope for the future: feelings we should try to replace for anxiety and fear.


A horizontal rainbow
Rare rainbow

Image credit to: Instagram / Cessna Kutz
Source used: Cessna Kutz



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