Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Pikachu Army Protests Japanese Coal at the G7

Joe Biden claims military leaders told him climate change is our number one threat.

You’re free to believe that conversation actually happened. Joe Biden may think it happened. I have a hard time believing he can remember a conversation from 2009 when he can’t remember who pooped in his pants that morning.

But it was meant to illustrate how super serious our global changing climate warming emergency is. Also to illustrate the seriousness? Dressing up like Pikachu and marching down the street in jolly ‘ol England.

Please note (hi Facebook) that I am not questioning the science. I’m only questioning the sanity.

in England to discuss whatever new global elite goals they have for the rest of us. These super-serious protesters — who are super serious about a super serious issue — are hoping six of those world leaders gang up on the Prime Minister of Japan over coal.

“Our message to Japan is that if it continues to burn coal, it will be an international pariah, it will make the future more dangerous for its citizens, it’s going to make a future more dangerous for the world. Japan has a massive opportunity at the G7 to step up, stop burning coal and lead the world to a better future.”
So to ensure the world leaders know they’re super serious, they dressed up as cartoon characters. Continuing the time-honored tradition of poop dumpers, weak vegans who can’t handle a firehose filled with fake blood, and chuckleheads who glue themselves to furniture in finding the most mind-numbingly stupid (and borderline retarded) way to express concern over whatever issue they care about this week. It’s also a problematic and offensive protest for one of two reasons. Because we aren’t sure who is in the Pikachu costumes.

If it’s Japanese people protesting coal in Japan, how did they get to England from Japan without using coal? Either they flew there and burned coal to protest coal, or they spent the last few months on a sailboat. SPOILER: I don’t think they did that.

If it’s British people dressed up as Pikachu to protest coal in a country they don’t live in, that’s cultural appropriation. Which as we all know is racist and wrong. I expect a full apology on Twitter by the morning.

I only wish this protest took place two years ago. Donald Trump could have played his Mewtwo and wiped these idiots out.



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