Thursday, September 23, 2021

Petrified Wood Containing Turquoise Opal Found In Queensland, Australia

Nature always has rare magic to show that comes beyond your expectations.

In the same way, Australian land comes across with beautiful and magical matter that you ever expect in your dream. And it is petrified wood that contains stunning turquoise opal found in outback Winton, Queensland, Australia.

Reddit user adymma90 discovered the petrified wood composition of rare turquoise opal. People consider gemstones to be precious, featuring bright and transparent colors. In the same fashion, Opal is a well-known gemstone because of its unique shape and form.

The stone’s original name was Opallios, a Greek word that means “to perceive color change” and refers to its ability to change color after light reflection strikes on it. Because of their unique features, they are often costly, and the rarest are the darker shades.

Beautiful Boulder Opal Called the 'Rainbow Tree' From Queensland, Australia
Well, Australia is the best place to find Opal. The Boulder Opal is one of the most peculiar. It is also known as the “Rainbow Tree” because it can display all the colors like of rainbow. Australia has had a mining industry for Opal since the 1890s. Although Opal has been extensively used to make jewelry, many people also use it for crystal therapy and balancing the energies within the body.

Image credit: Reddit user adymma90



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