Tokyo, Japan, June 17, 2022, Chainwire

META PYLON announced the world’s first feature to encourage NFT holders to participate in the Metaverse. This feature recognizes NFTs held by users as stickers and attaches them to 3D objects to create entirely new NFTs. This is done through its 5,555 chain-interactive NFT products it offers for TBEN.

META PYLON is a Japanese NFT that combines street and subculture to create a unique experience of displaying NFTs in the metaverse. By offering 3D cones via NFTs, META PYLON allows users to display their NFTs in their wallet to others, creating a more social experience for everyone. (How it works)

META PYLON solves challenges specific to the NFT art industry

Given the growing popularity of the metaverse and how users are often denied the ability to show their NFTs to others, META PYLON seeks to solve a unique industry problem.

Typically, when an NFT is purchased by a consumer, it is only kept in their wallet and there is little opportunity to show it to anyone, META PYLON solves this problem by offering Pylon NFTs.

These NFTs are the digital cones to which other NFTs can be attached. By attaching the NFT to the pylon, users can create their own original 3D pylon. It’s a whole new way to showcase their NFT collection. Additionally, users can place the 3D pylon in the metaverse. META PYLON has also prepared an original sticker pack by collaborating with various creators, other NFT projects and artists. Every META PYLON owner will receive the sticker pack.

META PYLON is a collection (information), a context and a symbol. The fact of being able to exhibit them, their impossibility of removing them and the existence of the sticker is the status of the owner. META PYLON is a metaphor for owners of the Metaverse.

META PYLON creates a potential new market

META PYLON is trying to create a new demand in the current market, dominated by collectible NFTs such as PFPs, by offering an NFT affixing object. Combining multiple NFTs to create new NFTs will boost the trend. In the near future, META PYLON will create real pylons with NFT stickers not only in the Metaverse, but also in the real world, and deploy them to users. The world of META PYLON will be supplemented by existing round trips between the Metaverse and the real world.

META PYLON will be available for purchase from July 2022.


META PYLON is armed with the NFT studio “WoOLTRAKEY”. The team includes collage artist Q-TA who has previously worked on Gucci’s #GucciGram project and Disney campaign, “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

According to the management, META PYLON’s vision is to become “a symbol of creativity, culture and freedom”. “WoOLTRAKEY” will collaborate with many NFTs and creators through META PYLON to provide different ways to play with the community by extending it in realspace and metaverse.


Ken Mizuno, Meta Pylon, [email protected]

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