Thursday, September 23, 2021

Japanese Zoo Held An Escape Drill And People Are Laughing At The Real Lions’ Reaction

Tobe Zoo in Ehime, Japan left the internet in splits when they conducted a lion escape exercise in their compound and shared the video online.

The footage shows the person posing as an escaped lion wandering the zoo in search of prey.

We all love to feel prepared when it comes to the worst things we can imagine and Tobe Zoo in Ehime is no exception.
And it totally made sense to have a human dressed up as a lion

The footage shows the person pretending to be an escaped lion wandering around the zoo most likely looking for prey.
The fake lion was observed by the real zoo inhabitants

As the imposter was roaming the zoo freely, the real lions kept there observed the scene. We’ll never know if it wasn’t intended but maybe they have learned the lesson as well?
While this may seem hilarious, no one would want to face it in real life

While this may have been a good practice for the zoo workers, we hope they never get to use the nets and tranquilizers during a real event.



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