Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Spectacular Polka-dot Zebra Photographed In Kenya

The Zebra is a very easily recognizable animal: its black dress with white stripes is impossible to confuse with that of other animals. But its originality does not stop there: to this are also added the variants obtained by genetic mutations, which can give rise to results at the limits of credibility.

This is the case of Tira, the adorable polka-dot zebra wildlife photography in the Masai Mara reserve in Kenya, whose coat, the result of a genetic anomaly, is almost entirely black, with a wonderful interweaving of small circles and of white stripes.

polka-dot zebra

The photos of the small animal, which takes its name from the naturalist guide who photographed it (Antony Tira), have naturally been around the world. It is not the first time that melanistic zebras have appeared in the wild, but Tira’s coat appears to be the result of the hand of a designer. An amazing feature that could also be a huge disadvantage.

polka-dot zebra

In the past, we’ve seen melanistic little ones struggling to reach adulthood. Often, due to their different coloring, their own herd marginalizes them because they perceive them as different. In addition, being specimens that stand out in the crowd of their congeners, they are more easily victims of predators. Finally, perhaps the most heinous and unacceptable cause of death, their unique appearance makes them particularly attractive to poachers.

polka-dot zebra

In short, the challenges of life have only just begun for this little wonder of nature, but on one thing we can be sure: the whole world is with him!

Source- The Wildest Africa



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