What are the benefits of yoga

Improving breathing Many people take deep breaths, and do not think about how to breathe, as breathing yoga exercises, or so-called pranayama, help focus people’s attention to breathing, and learn breathing techniques deeply, which benefits the whole body, where Certain types of breathing can help clean the nasal passages, which benefit people with ,

allergies in particular, and even calm the nervous system, providing physical and mental benefits. [1] Volume 0% Improving heart health Some studies have shown that yoga can To help improve heart health and reduce the risk of heart disease, as one study found a group of participants over the age of 40 years and practiced yoga for five years who had blood pressure and a lower pulse rate than those who did not practice yoga, and hypertension is ,

considered high Blood is one of the main causes of heart problems, such as heart attacks and strokes, so lowering blood pressure may help reduce the risks of these problems. 3 patients with heart disease effects of lifestyle change that included one year of yoga training along with dietary adjustments and stress management, the total cholesterol level decreased by 23%, the LDL cholesterol level decreased by 26%, and the progression of heart disease was stopped in 47% of patients. [2] Reducing insomnia A periodic article dealing with many complementary and alternative ,

treatment strategies for insomnia has shown that yoga has been one of the most effective ways to get a good night’s sleep, says Tamal Dodge, principal of Tamal Yoga School, that if a person suffers from insomnia, it is possible To practice different yoga poses, or lie on the back and raise the feet to the wall, as this will help to promote blood circulation and calm the body and the mind. [3] Treatment of back pain Several studies have concluded that yoga is a more effective treatment for chronic back pain than the usual treatment, A study published in the Annals of Internal ,

Medicine reported that people suffering from chronic low back pain observed an improvement in back function despite the presence of similar levels of pain, after a few months of practicing yoga, and in another study conducted In 80 people with chronic low back pain, the group that participated in just one week of yoga showed less disability and greater flexibility than patients who completed other physical exercises, and yoga exercises could improve the flexibility of the spine.