Ways to lose belly and buttocks

A healthy diet In order to lose belly fat and buttocks, a person should make sure to follow a healthy calorie diet that is focused on eating low-fat foods; Such as: whole grains, lean protein, fat-free dairy products, fruits, and vegetables, and you should reduce your intake of foods that contain high levels of sugar, sodium, cholesterol, saturated and trans fats, and make sure to eat foods that are found in dairy products Full-fat, fat meat, fried food, etc. [1] Volume 0% Drinking a lot of water In order to lose abdominal fat and buttocks, a person must strive to maintain body moisture by drinking abundant amounts of water ,

during the day estimated at 1.9 liters on The least, as it is necessary to drink water or a cup of green tea immediately before eating in order to reduce the desire to eat, and feel full. It is worth noting here that it is necessary to avoid soft drinks, energy drinks, concentrated juices, and sugary drinks, such as: soda, tea, and coffee Sweetened, because it contains a lot of sugar and calories that increase body weight. [2] [3] Doing exercise should be careful to exercise some exercises and sporting activities on an ongoing basis, as this helps to lose weight in the buttocks and abdomen, and from These exercises ,

include: breathing exercises, weight lifting exercises, and aerobic exercises that help you lose belly fat. [4] climbing stairs, climbing stairs, hiking, rock and mountain climbing, yoga, cross-legging, impulse, and kicking And walking on the machine in the gym, and many other exercises that help get rid of the buttocks fat. [5] Sleeping enough hours must be careful to sleep at least eight hours a day for weight loss, as the growth hormone useful for the metabolism is released. In the body during sleep, and lack of sleep reduces the body’s energy to ,

exercise, and affects the hormones to control appetite, which leads to an increased desire to eat more unhealthy foods.