Ways to lose belly and buttocks after birth

Rumen and buttocks Many women suffer from the problem of rumen and large buttocks as a result of several reasons, including eating unhealthy food, or as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, knowing that the belly of a pregnant woman does not fully hide immediately after her birth as a result of its expansion during pregnancy, which requires more care to get rid of it and from a problem ,

Buttocks in the shortest possible time, and without losing the beauty of appearance and look, so women usually search for natural ways that enable them to return to their normal position without exposing themselves to danger, and without affecting the health and safety of the infant, and we will introduce you in this article to natural ways to lose the abdomen and buttocks after birth. Volume 0% Methods of ,

slimming the abdomen and buttocks after childbirth Exercise Exercise Pelvic exercise: Stretching on the back with the feet bent so that the thighs with the legs form an acute angle, then raise the pelvis area up, tightening the buttocks, then raising the head and tightening the abdominal muscles, and it is advised to repeat these steps ten Three times over three rounds. Body lifting exercise: stretching on the ground, lifting the back and one leg upward while maintaining the knees straight, and keeping the toes tightened downward, then returning to the normal position, and then repeating the exercise again to the second foot, with repeating the exercise ten times.

Knee Pull Exercise: Lay on the ground, hold hands on both sides, then gently and slowly pull the knees upward, then try to lift the back above the ground, and repeat the steps ten times. Thigh Pulling Exercise: Stretch on the ground, then bend one knee of the feet, with the thigh pulled towards the abdomen, lower the foot towards the buttocks, then extend the leg and lower it to the ground, then repeat the exercise for the other foot,

and it is recommended to repeat the exercise ten times per foot and in three rounds. Abdominal exercise: stretching on the back, holding the arms behind the head, and lifting the upper part of the body from the ground, while maintaining the stability of the lower part on the ground, and can be used as something that is placed on the feet to ensure that it does not rise to the top during the lifting of the body, and repeat the exercise ten times over the least. Leaning on the joints exercise: sitting on the feet, then lowering the body and leaning on the elbows and knees, making the arms and thighs at a 90 degree angle with the chest and abdomen area, so that the back is ,

raised upward, the buttocks are tightened, the abdomen is pulled inward, and a deep breath is taken, with an attempt Relax as much as possible while performing the exercise, and repeat the exercise ten times a maximum. Natural Cabbage Recipes: Boil three leaves of cabbage in a container, then wrap them around the abdominal circumference, cover them with nylon and wrap them well, and it is advised to make this recipe every night before bed, then ,

remove it on the morning of the second day. Fennel: put six teaspoons of fennel in a container, then add boiling water to it, and it is recommended to eat it every morning. Olive oil: apply the rumen and buttocks to it, and it is advised to do this daily.