How to maintain weight after dieting

Dieting We see many people who follow different diets and lose weight, but they soon gain it again when they leave these systems, which may lead them to ask about the best way to maintain weight after dieting, and here we will provide some practical advice in this area, with the need to A person is always keen on following these tips permanently and making them the basis of his life system. Volume 0% Ways to maintain weight after dieting.

Avoid meals before bed. One of the most important reasons for gaining weight again is pre-bedtime meals, so care must be taken to avoid them. If a person feels hungry late at night, you can eat fruits or some useful and light foods, with The need to avoid fried foods full of bread, starches and saturated fats. Eating small meals to make sure to eat small meals by following the rule of eating fewer calories and thus ,

burning more, as recent studies have proven that people who divide their basic meal into 5 periods per day are healthy and have the ability to control their weight and appetite compared to people who eat large quantities and meals Overpaid. Eating protein Eating protein and adding it to basic meals is of great importance in stabilizing weight; The reason for this is due to his ability to give a feeling of satiety for a long time in addition to maintaining healthy muscles, increases growth and strength and also contributes to increased fat burning and is indicated by the ,

possibility of obtaining it through eating both meat, poultry, fish, dairy products and legumes. Add spices and spices Add some spices and spices to your meals to give you a sense of contentment; This is because spices reduce the desire to taste in addition to that there are some of them that increase the speed of burning such as red pepper. Making healthy fast foods When preparing some healthy, fast-preparing foods, it will be an opportunity to eat less unhealthy fast,

food and therefore fewer calories. Not eating in restaurants is preferable to reduce this habit, and in the event that it is possible to order small meals that are like children’s meals, including ensuring that the authorities eat different forms. Replacing carbohydrates with vegetables can lose weight well and clearly if we reduce the percentage of carbohydrates in the dish,

especially if they are replaced with vegetables. Eating breakfast: Not eating breakfast makes a person feel hungry more, so he eats more at lunch and dinner and thus increases weight, taking care to choose a morning meal that contains fiber and dairy products because of their role in improving digestion and reducing cholesterol, in addition to preventing constipation .