How to get rid of belly fat

Abdominal fat Abdominal fat is one of the most common health problems among people, it appears significantly in both women and men, but its proportion is greater among women, it makes the body appear annoying and harmful, and to get rid of them many people resort to following harsh food systems and diets, but they Do not eliminate it permanently, but rather for a period of time, when it accumulates again when the person returns to his previous ,

nutritional habits, and therefore it is necessary to use some natural methods and recipes that eliminate them permanently, and in this article we will learn how to get rid of belly fat. How to get rid of belly fat eating dark chocolate: Dark chocolate contributes to reducing a person’s desire for food, and thus contributes to weight loss, and rid of excess fat, where it can be eaten as a snack, or can be replaced with breakfast; It limits a person’s appetite for long hours during the day. Lemon juice:

it contributes to reducing the level of sugar in the body, and helps reduce the rate of insulin making in the pancreas, as it raises the rate of chemical reactions inside the body, and thus plays a major role in burning the accumulated fat in the abdominal area, studies have proven that drinking it before eating In ten minutes, the weight is reduced by three kilograms per month. Watermelon juice: where it is distinguished by its richness in water, and thus contributes to moisturizing the body,

and also regulates the metabolism in the body, which in turn loses the body a lot of calories, and dissolves the accumulated fat in the abdominal area. Pineapple juice: it is considered one of the most effective drinks in eliminating the prominent abdomen and improving digestion in the body, as a result of its high content of bromelain, which is the enzyme responsible for breaking down and destroying protein, and it is also ,

possible to add half a tablespoon of flaxseed to it, It has proven its great ability to get rid of these grease. Exercises to get rid of belly fat pressure exercises: We put the hands so that they are parallel to the shoulders, and tighten the muscles of the back and abdomen taking into account that the back is straight, and we remain in this position for twenty seconds with deep breathing.

Leg Exercise: Lie on the back with the legs extended straight, then put our hands where they are under the back, and take a breath with each leg raised so that we form a right angle with the rest of the body parts, then we exhale exhale with the legs slowly placed at a height of about 20 cm From the ground, repeat the exercise ten times, gradually increasing each time.