How to fight drowsiness

How to overcome drowsiness How to resist sleep How do I overcome drowsiness Contents 1 Do a simple motor activity 2 Reflection 3 Napping 4 Exercise 5 Eating caffeine 6 References Performing a simple movement activity when feeling drowsy It is preferable for the individual to move a little from his place, if he works on a computer for example throughout the day it is advised to go out to inhale some air, or go for a short walk and then return To work,

that will make him feel renewed energy and vitality, sitting for a long time without any movement increases the feeling of drowsiness, just as sitting for a long time is harmful to health, so a little movement must be done to revitalize the body and blood circulation. [1] Volume 0% Meditation helps meditation to increase a sense of activity And vitality; As it is an effective way to feel refreshed and active by sitting upright and paying attention to the rate of breathing, it is also possible to listen to ,

meditation recordings (in English: Audio Meditation) through earphones, as it helps to focus more. [1] Siesta naps have many and varied benefits, as they are It improves the level of vigilance and activity of the individual, increases the ability to focus in learning and assimilation, stimulates memory and improves the level of performance, and increases the productivity of the individual at work, [2]

but sometimes naps are useless, and therefore it is advised to lie down a little without sleep with the eyes closed for help To prevent drowsiness and increase alertness. [3] Doing physical exercise regularly is a great way to increase alertness and alertness, as simple exercises such as walking are a good booster to the energy level of the body, they increase the proportion of energy by 20% and reduce ,

fatigue by 65%, Also, exercise helps to boost the activity of the nervous system, which in turn promotes the release of serotonin, which regulates sleep, blood circulation and heart rate, which leads to reduced For a feeling of drowsiness, increased alertness and activity. [3] Caffeine intake Caffeine is one of the products that stimulates the body; So that it helps to raise the percentage of heart rate, pressure and breathing, which in turn contributes to raising awareness and getting rid of ,

drowsiness, in addition to its contribution to combating fatigue resulting from physical exertion, and caffeine can be obtained by drinking tea, coffee or eating chocolate.