How do we maintain physical health

A healthy life affects a person’s habits and daily regime in his physical health, and there is no specific time to make a decision to start a healthy life; Since even if a person begins trying to adhere to healthy living habits and leaves bad habits after reaching the age of fifty, the opportunity to influence physical health positively still exists, [1] and when talking about physical health, this includes what appears on the body clearly In addition to what a person feels. [2] ,

Volume 0% Maintaining physical health Many things play a role in maintaining physical health, and it is worth noting that when you are determined to start a healthy life, this does not mean doing many things at one time; As following a few simple steps in a row is sufficient to move forward in obtaining a healthy life, [2] and what follows can be done in order to do that:

Exercise, physical activity and exercise are among the most important things that should be paid attention to in order to maintain and maintain health. Good, by exercising regularly. For example, it is advised to walk for 30 minutes, at least 3-5 days per week, and of course the benefit is greater if exercising most days of the week, and experts advise that the daily average of steps be 10 thousand steps, and you can take advantage of any other exercises such as swimming, Or practicing yoga, and it is worth noting that when you want to start exercising, this should be done gradually to avoid any harm or pain caused at the,

beginning, and it is also possible to divide the sport sessions into short periods of time that extend to ten minutes, for example. [3] [4] Following a healthy diet to obtain a healthy diet is recommended following the following steps: [5] [6] Careful diversification of food: In order to obtain all the body’s needs of nutrients and vitamins, therefore care must be taken to make carbohydrates part of the diet, so as to adopt the body Carbohydrates need to get half of the necessary calories, and carbohydrates are found in grains, rice,

potatoes, pasta, and bread. Here it is worth noting that whole grains, bread, and pasta that depend on whole grains are considered to be sources. Important for obtaining fiber, and of course it is advised to avoid ready-made food; This is because of its richness in fat and salt and its lack of important elements, in addition to the necessity of making vegetables and fruits a major part in daily meals. Reducing the intake of fats: by avoiding the consumption of fats in excess of the body’s need, reducing ,

saturated fats found in animal sources and trans fats, and eating unsaturated fats instead; Therefore, when shopping for ingredients, it is advisable to read the source of fats in the product, and care must be taken to eat fish 2-3 times per week to get the appropriate amount of trans fats. Also, during cooking, attention should be paid to avoiding frying and moving towards grilling, boiling, and baking. Reducing sugar and salt intake: As sugar is included in many foods and drinks, even those that are thought to be healthy as fruit juice, and the individual consumes an average of 22 ,

teaspoons of sugar per day, but by referring to the American Heart Association, it is not necessary The daily average should exceed six teaspoons for women, nine teaspoons for men, and for salt, it is advisable to pay attention to the amount of sodium present in the products while shopping, and try to use other spices instead of salt while cooking.