How do I start my day

How do I make my day happy How do I organize my day in obedience to God How do I start my life with God Contents 1 Morning period 2 Tips for a better day 2.1 Do not close the curtains completely 2.2 Adjust the alarm 2.3 Exercise 2.4 Reading what stimulates the self 2.5 General advice 3 Things to avoid in the morning The morning period may not be considered the morning period It is a favorite times for many people, especially people who prefer staying up long hours watching TV, or doing some work, but every person must ,

remember that the way he starts his morning is primarily responsible for how he spends the rest of his day, so the day must start Fun, joy, away from anxiety and depression. Volume 0% Tips for a better day not to close the curtains completely Do not close the curtains when sleeping, as entering the sunlight in the morning sends a signal to the brain to increase the secretion of adrenaline, and to achieve this it is necessary to go to bed early so the body can benefit from adequate sleep at night.

Setting the alarm The setting of the alarm fifteen minutes before the time of waking up, and therefore there is no need to get up soon from bed, lying in bed in the morning has many benefits, such as preparing the body and mind to prepare, and promoting blood flow in the body, as can be browsing the most important news in the morning. Doing some exercises in bed, such as wrapping the legs, and clicking the heels,

and you can also massage the body with lukewarm water, to achieve relaxation and rest for the body. Reading what motivates oneself is reading positive and motivational quotes every morning, as this stimulates the potential energy of a person towards contemplating life with a high positive, and you should not think about making any decisions or choices, and to achieve this, choose the clothes you will wear, and the food that you will eat At night before bed,

and choose the route to work at night as well. General advice Putting vitamins in the kitchen for consideration so you can eat them in the morning. Doing some things may bring you peace, and avoid stress, such as embracing children. Spend 10-15 minutes in the morning listening to music. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning activates the central nervous system, because coffee contains caffeine. Take a pill of aspirin in the morning, which protects ,

against heart attacks. Note: Be sure to drink a glass of lukewarm water sweetened with honey half an hour before breakfast. Things to avoid in the morning Avoid using social media, or reviewing e-mail for messages, as your e-mail may carry many unauthorized messages to you. Not to browse the news before ten o’clock, as most of the news that is broadcast carry negative signals and pictures. Stop spending time in the morning playing mobile game applications. Not to open any discussions with anyone. Replacing an unhealthy breakfast with a healthy one, giving the body its energy and vitality.