How do I start a healthy life

Health is a blessing that God Almighty has bestowed on man. He is the most precious possession in this world, so it cannot be compensated for by the treasures of the earth. If a person loses his health, he has lost everything in this life, it is a trust in the necks of people and must be preserved from all badness, care and attention from it All aspects, by following healthy and healthy habits. Healthy habits Healthy habits that every person must follow in order to obtain a healthy life, which is:

focus on breakfast, because it has bone and health benefits accruing to the body, it helps the body in preventing many diseases that the body may be exposed to, and breakfast helps The ability of a person to organize his meals. When eating meals, you must avoid the occurrence of an excess of stomach, by eating more quantities than the stomach needs of food, and thus the occurrence of obesity in this person, and to avoid this should be done eating slowly, and stop ,

eating if you feel full. Stay away from frying pans of all kinds, because when the oil is heated to certain temperatures, it leads to turning it into dangerous and carcinogenic substances, and these pans work on obtaining a high percentage of fat in the body, and thus the occurrence of obesity in the body, which leads to infection with many diseases. Not to overeat sweets and sugars, but must be consumed in moderate quantities and according to the body’s need for them, and not to eat sweets when feeling hungry, because excessive intake,

leads to an increase in sugar and fat in the body, and thus the body becomes more vulnerable to infection with many diseases. Stay away and avoid excessive drinking, and replace it with drinking water and other fluids that have benefits for the body. Exercising continuously, because of its benefits to the body, stimulating blood circulation, and the prevention of many diseases that may be exposed to it. Eating healthy meals, which contain all the nutrients the body needs, and avoiding eating fast food, because it contains high calories and a high percentage of fat, and thus the body is obese, and exposure to many diseases. Avoid stress and nervous ,

and psychological anxiety, work to calm nerves, think in a positive way, and avoid thinking in a negative way, because this works to overburden thinking and the mind. Obtain a certain percentage of sunlight, to supply the body with vitamins obtained from sunlight. When eating food, you must chew it properly and well, to be healthy and free of any health problems.