How do I know that my son is a genius

Rapid development One of the characteristics of a child’s genius is to develop rapidly, and that is by acquiring various skills, such as learning languages, and the kinetic capabilities that distinguish it from other children. [1] It is so great that it is distinct from children of the same age, for example, if the child is interested in the solar system, he will try to obtain various information in this field. [1] Having high ,

language skills High language skills is a sign of the child’s genius, so that He has a large inventory of vocabulary, tends to speak very quickly, and uses grammar correctly. [2] Preference for isolation Smart kids love to stay alone at some point by spending on reading, learning, writing, observing and thinking, and this does not mean that they do not like to spend Time with others, they love spending time with their friends, but not at the expense of their other interests.

[2] Other characteristics of genius children There are many other characteristics that a genius child has, and among the most important of these traits: smart children Geniuses are those who constantly ask many questions about everything around them. [1] A child’s genius prefers older friends than him, and gets bored of those of his age. [1] Quickly solve various life problems and issues. [1] A distinguished child and a genius He has hobbies and talents that set him apart from other ,

children of the same age. [3] Paying attention to reading skill in general, [1] especially reading difficult and complicated titles. [3] Enjoying great energy and strong memory and love dealing with numbers, puzzles, and mazes. [3] Attention that Everything around them is complete and tidy.

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