How do I deal with my teenage girls

Refraining from trying to change the daughter is trying to change the personality of the teenage girl from the fatal errors that parents may make in dealing with their teenage daughters, if the girl’s personality is introverted, for example, it is advised not to try to change it or compare it with her brothers and sisters, and focus in return on the strengths of her personality This is to support her self-confidence. [1] Learning about her friends can be a bad influence on teenage girlfriends, so it is necessary for ,

parents to try to get to know her friends and get closer to them; This is because the teenage girl forms a strong bond with her friends, if the parents try to prevent her from spending time with them, the matter will get worse, and this is why the parents must develop the relationship with them, then try to influence them positively. [1] Allocating time for the teenage daughter, the parents must allocate time to spend With the teenage daughter and make it a priority, and in the event that there is not enough time available, a side time can be allocated to it; Like speaking in a car at the time of going to school if necessary, and it is important to consider not allowing the ,

problems and pressures that parents face in influencing their relationship with their teenage daughter and the time allotted to spend with them. [1] Being honest and frank is preferable to the mother sharing some of her experiences with her daughter. Life when she was a teenager, but it is necessary to choose experiences that can be talked about and those that are best avoided; This is because the teenage daughter is vulnerable to being affected by everything the mother says. [2] Establishing rules and limits The mother must define some household tasks for the teenage girl, even if she is disturbed by it, since the girl will eventually become grateful for the ,

mother’s concern and thinking about setting rules and limits [2] Fluency in the language of dialogue is, of course, the mother able to solve problems, but sometimes she must leave matters to her daughter in order to learn to solve her problems herself, in which case the mother is an listening ear, so she only shows support when her daughter requests it. [2] Creating a safe environment It is absolutely essential that parents work to create a safe environment for their teenage daughter,

especially since teenagers in adolescence turn to their friends instead of their parents, and therefore parents must provide an appropriate environment for the teenage daughter that makes her feel safe and comfortable in expressing herself.

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