Abdominal and buttocks exercises

Abdominal and buttocks slimming methods Abdominal and buttocks exercises 1 Belly fat and buttocks 2 Abdominal and buttocks exercises 3 Sports exercises using the legs 4 References Belly fat and buttocks Fat matter and its accumulation in the abdominal area and buttocks has become one of the most common problems and nightmares that sweep a woman’s life, because of these distortions caused by the external ,

appearance, and making the body appear as Asymmetric, which is not appropriate for any type of dress, which is caused by malnutrition and lack of exercise. If you are one of the women who suffer from this problem, and you very much want to enjoy a beautiful body, here is a group of exercises that target the belly fat and buttocks, and it is like this. . [1] Slimming exercises for the abdomen and buttocks to get rid of the abdomen and buttocks. You must exercise continuously and follow the ,

exercises designated for that which lead to get rid of it for sure, and from those exercises Athletic: [2] Neck exercise, this is by taking a position on the ground and stretching the legs forward, back your back in an attempt to adjust the spine and achieve proper sitting, clasp your fingers behind your head, and try to tighten your neck forward, with the need to maintain the back In the upright position, and staying that way as long as possible, return to the previous position when you feel that you cannot continue to stay in this position, and you must pay attention to the need to return slowly in order to avoid any ,

problems in the spine, with repetition 10 times daily and for consecutive periods. Back exercise, this exercise aims to burn the accumulated fat on the waist and abdomen, and this exercise can be performed by lying on the ground and stretching the legs forward, raise your legs at a 45-degree angle, clip your hands behind your head and raise your head and shoulders from the ground Slightly, then ,

the left leg returns to its previous position while remaining raised, then bend the right leg and its sides to the head and shoulders, and stay a little on this position and repeat this exercise 5 times a day. Pelvic fat burning and back fat exercise, this exercise aims to build muscle and get rid of the waist and back fat, and it can be performed by sitting straight and then back back a little, and backing it with hands without trying to bomb it, with legs stretched ,

straight and lifted from the ground. Sports exercises using the legs The tight body is one of the most important signs of beauty, especially when we talk about women, and we will mention some exercises to get rid of the abdomen and buttocks and get a perfect body: [3] Glue the legs together at an angle of 45 degrees and try to move them with circular movements in the air, once in a direction Right and back left 20 times in each direction. Leg exercises, in which the lateral muscles of the abdomen are ,

allocated and targeted, and this exercise can be performed by lying on the back, clamping the fingers of the palms with each other and placing them under the head, directing to the left side in an attempt to raise your neck with your head and shoulder from the ground with an attempt to take the breath slowly, turn After that your torso and try to raise your right knee towards the chest area, and extend your left leg towards the ground, without touching it, alternating the directions to the other side with the need to keep raising your head and shoulders, and direct your left leg towards the chest area to coincide with the time wrapping the shoulders to the right, and extend the right leg to the ground Without touching it, repeating this exercise 10 times in a row a day.